Love or Loathe Valentine's day, we will take any excuse to get presents. Whether that means dropping a hint or two to your significant other or taking matters into your own hands, V-Day is as good an occasion as any to treat yourself to something special. To help you avoid any last minute panic, we've found Valentine's gifts for your most favorite person in the world (yourself included) that are romantic, sentimental and will have your heart beating overtime:

  1. Vogue - Illustrated History (Rs. 3947; For the fashionista in your life, there is nothing more appropriate than a coffee table copy of the Fashion Bible itself. Unique and thoughtful, this gift boasts of how well you know her.
  2. Guess Watch (Rs. 7650): Make a statement of affection with a perfect statement watch. Trendy yet chic, the subtle rose embossed on the dial gives it sweet feminine touch. It's one arm candy that she will flaunt anywhere and everywhere.
  3. Gourmet Chocolates (Rs. 799; All a girl needs is a little love and lots of chocolate. Gift these individually gold wrapped gourmet swiss chocolates to the love of your life that will leave her heart and stomach happy.
  4. Dangler Earrings (Rs.12,800; If you want to spoil her in a big way, buy her these. Unique in design and elegant in style, these stunning pair of earrings show her you love her with all your heart.
  5. Night Wear (Rs. 2995; V-Day is often synonymous with sexy time. Enjoy the starry night with this impossibly provocative and unexpectedly luxurious nightwear. We dare you to keep it on for longer than thirty seconds.
  6. Coco by Chanel (Rs. 8880; Simple yet fabulous, just like the woman it was inspired by - the Coco Chanel perfume is richly scented and is a perfect gift for your lady love at any time of year.
  7. Heart Bracelet (Rs. 13,432; Shoppers Stop): Treat that special person in your life to something she'll remember for years to come. Delicate and dainty this heart shaped bracelet will win her heart all over again.
  8. Wood Plaque (Rs. 500; This is one gift that really is about the thought behind it. Nothing says "I put my heart into this" like a personalized memento. will immortalize your favorite moment together into a beautiful carved wooden plaque for as little as Rs. 500.
  9. Pendant (Rs. 16, 819; Pretty but not overly fancy this gorgeous pendant is the perfect way to display your love for your significant other. So sparkly and stunning, she will fall in love with you all over again.