February Karma Star
February Karma Star
Ends 28 Feb 2017

Here is your chance to become StylePile Karma Stars for the month of February! The winners will be decided based on their Style Karma. The higher your karma the greater your chances of winning. So get going now and make sure you read about the ways to earn karma points.

The top three members with the most karma points get winners badges displayed on their profile pages and all their Styles. They also get an exclusive widget for their blogs!

Make sure you check out the ways you can earn karma points. The short version is on the right bar, if you want all the details - go to the FAQ and Help page.

Karma Points
  • All StylePile members will be automatically entered in the Karma Star contest
  • To get Karma points just do the same stuff you do everyday on StylePile. You get Karma points for:
  • Posting Style photos - and more if they get featured!
  • Sharing your Style photos on Facebook
  • Giving and receiving hearts and comments for Style photos
  • Inviting your friends to StylePile!
  • Posting and replying to forum topics
  • And everything else you do! As they say - Good Karma brings good things
  • Questions?: Visit the Help/FAQ page to get an answer