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Floral Blast
17 Dec 2015

More on the blog- www.trendymannequin.com Instagram- @shweghna31

Neo Victorian
15 Dec 2015

See the full post here --> http://theclosetmadness.blogspot.in/ Instagram - @theclosetmadness

16 Dec 2015

details on instagram.com/deepalikini astateofstyle.com

12 Dec 2015

INSTAGRAM: @thestylecocktail | http://www.thestylecocktail.in/2015/11/a-little-chill.html

The Grunge Look!
15 Dec 2015


Why does beach party dressing have to be shorts and crops or something skimpy? this is a twist on the beach party dressing without showing too much skin! for the girls who shy away from showing skin here's a version which is suitable for all body type and yet looks elegant and classy! Instagram:... Read more

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Rainy Days
15 Dec 2015

A great timeless and tailored piece for these chilly and rainy days is the trench coat. Great to complete any outfit. In the end, the trench coat is the center piece, so you can wear anything underneath it, from a skirt or dress paired with boots to create a more sophisticated look, to denim and... Read more

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Stripe and Lace
15 Dec 2015


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