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Laid Back
11 Mar 2013

The perfect uniform for your weekend, boyfriend blazer, stripe jeans, cami.

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The Sound of Music
09 Mar 2013


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Red red walls
09 Mar 2013

So if you don't already know, I am a bargain shopper. I prefer street shopping over branded clothes any day. This post is all about showing off my newly acquired skirt (well one of the two). I also got a really nice bag, which might make it in my next outfit post. Now lets play a game, guess... Read more

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Under a yellow light
10 Mar 2013

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So this is my everyday lane. From the time I was young, I passed through this to go to school every day, and now it's the same for work. It's a chipped and cheery yellow, that we (Sheehan and me) thought was just so cute, and very apt for the next post. See more pictures here ..... Read more

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Denim Date
01 Mar 2013

Denim jackets could be a real sport at office. Grabs a lot of attention will all due respect ;)

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More pics and 2 international Giveaways on my blog ..... http://www.stylishbynature.com

08 Mar 2013

Wish all you lovlies International Women's Day

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