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Co Ordinating
31 May 2016

Co ords that I flaunted back at Goa

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We believe that there is a hidden Popstar within every girl, so lets dress up like one. To know more about such eclectic looks , visit our blog.

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Few years ago when I moved from Mumbai (India) to San Francisco city, summer here was still cold for me and winter was way too cold. I was used to the harsh sun of Mumbai city where I grew up but I din’t take much time to get adjusted with beautiful weather of San Francisco. For those of you who... Read more

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This outfit of the day features a gorgeous block printed dress from The Jodi Life. Read more on the blog! http://www.sartorialsecrets.com/2016/05/jodi-life-dress-chiaroscuro-bag/

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The Royal Bride
30 May 2016

Read more about this look on the blog bnbstyles.wordpress.com

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Join - https://www.instagram.com/stylish_by_nature/

White Lace Dress
27 May 2016

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Knot on Maxi
29 May 2016

This style currently on www.thestylecolors.com

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Flash Tattoo <3 <3
29 May 2016

Full story on blog www.theskinnygirlstyle.blogspot.com www.facebook.com/theskinnygirlstyle

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