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Geek Space
21 Jul 2015

Yesterday I attended an evening event, so I decided to create a vintage-inspired look. I chose a statement blouse with spots, and to keep it as a centerpiece, I paired basics with it and added a pop of color with burgundy heels. I love hats, in my opinion they simply bring any outfit to the next... Read more

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Happy in Love
24 Jul 2015

Last month, when I was home in Bombay and the jetlag was getting the better of me, I decided to get out of the house and run. I love to run. That’s the only time I can truly be alone. The truth is, I love being alone. It was 4.30am and the sun was slowly coming out, but the track had come to life... Read more

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Shades of Grey!
21 Jul 2015

Follow and for more! Perfect summer escape combo, crop top and midi skirt! Paired the monochrome outfit with red heels to provide the pop.

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Bare Essential
21 Jul 2015

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Creme de la Creme
21 Jul 2015

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The tassel story!
24 Jul 2015

Do follow us on instagram @fashion.sincerely and stay tuned cause Chic happens!

View 3 items in this style "I first slipped into a light chambray shirt dress, not wanting any muck business with pants. I stared at the mirror... Read more

25 Jul 2015

Join me on instagram @spill_the_sass or visit my blog :)

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