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Fruitful Delays
16 Sep 2014

Luscious fruit prints have been ruling the summer'14 platforms for a while now. The sheer deliciousness at sight attracts me more towards them than an element of associated quirk. These kiwi print trousers are such a score and I simply cannot get over them. More on the blog...

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ancient delicacy
17 Sep 2014

more on my blog:

Check out how I combined the rocker edge, not abruptly, but elegantly at

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Inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker’s outfits in Sex and The City, I have been wanting to style a flared midi skirt with a tee ever since I saw Carrie bump into Aidan in a souk in Abu Dabi. The purple silver skirt with a Dior tee was such an unexpected styling back then. Wore a gold flare taffeta... Read more

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Teapot Party
19 Sep 2014

My Look for the day. Going 50's! Crop-top with this beautiful print high waist skirt :) Check my site

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Mixing prints
16 Sep 2014

Horizontal stripes? Like really! This girl must be out of her mind. Doesn’t she know horizontal stripes are big no-no, they make us look wider, instead should go for vertical or better still diagonal stripes. Wait…If you are thinking my blog is about what you should wear and what not, then... Read more

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Ruffled up
17 Sep 2014

New post @ :)

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