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Night Out in Neon
04 Jan 2015

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Hi, so for girls like me on a budget it is a necessity to be resourceful with what we have, and hence happened this usage of a simple shrug in 4 different ways If you like it, checkout the complete guide on

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In this month’s festive and party spirit, while most of us are excited to dance all night to our favorite party numbers, some of us are worried about our sartorial choices for these parties. An office Christmas party adds more pressure on us to dress up. It is easier to add songs to a party... Read more

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Early celebration
22 Dec 2014

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Two ways -workwear and casual wear Which one do u heart !!

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01 Dec 2014

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Fall Be This
14 Nov 2014

The underlying premise of starting the blog, for me, was the ability to try and recreate runway looks which I so admire. Styling has always been a matter of ideology for me, a reinforcement of culture and personality and a domain constantly challenging to inspire, innovate and create something... Read more

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19 Sep 2014

I love this look! its my absolute favorite :)

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