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Feeling blue
25 Nov 2015

Florals and blue. More on

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Bundle up
14 Nov 2015

One of the best things of this season, when the temperatures start to dip, is wearing layers to keep warm. I love to be creative mixing and matching fall-winter colors to add visual interest to my looks. Layers are great to complement any outfit by adding a touch of chicness. I'm wearing a... Read more

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Colours. I have a very interesting relationship with them. There are times when I’d like nothing than to put together something in classic all-black or monochrome and enjoy my morning coffee. Then there’s those moments when I just need something fun and colourful, when I’m ‘hangin’ around and... Read more

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Borrow From the Boys
31 Oct 2015

For this look I jumped into my man's wardrobe to get one of his button-down shirts and styled it with a pair of ripped jeans for a totally relaxed look. In fact the big difference between women's shirts and men's shirts is that men's have their buttons on the right side, women's shirts have their... Read more

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Pumpkin Spice
13 Oct 2015

What better season of the year to wear pumpkin hues than October–it is THE month when we breathe the autumn air. Everywhere around you are the colors of fall, and of course Halloween is almost here! And you can see pumpkin colors everywhere. So on that, I decided to wear a pumpkin colored... Read more

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Ethnic meets Western
08 Oct 2015

Embroidered Koti From Kutch, Gujarat. Most Elegant combination : When ethnic meets western. I am a big fan of Indian Handicrafts. I bough this jacket aka koti from Gujarat. Believe India has beautiful handicrafts which are hidden in small parts of villages. As an Indian we must promote Indian... Read more

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30 Sep 2015

Instagram - prernajayant

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Polka Blazer
27 Sep 2015

I am wearing a polka blazer from Van Heusen. I paired my blazer with white tee and denim jeans. Polka Blazer can be counted as one of the casual blazer. You can rock casual blazers at the work place as well as at events. Blazers have their unique style as well they are perfect weather staple.... Read more

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Cropped and Ripped
16 Sep 2015

In some shopping spree months ago, I saw this cool light blue denim crop shirt from Vero Moda. And I fell in love with it. In this look I am wearing a racer back from Jockey and wearing this crop shirt over it. I paired it with ripped jeans. P.S I ripped the denim jeans at home. This is more over... Read more

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Denim over Denim
16 Sep 2015

hello there, Denim is my love. Denim is a savior and we all know that. Denim can never go wrong when it comes to fashion. In this look I am wearing denim jeans by recap jeans and denim shirt from jealous 21. denim over denim is the most chic way to carry. It’s comfortable and easy to carry.... Read more

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