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It was Pooja's 21st! And what better than wearing a Forever21 to celebrate. :) know the whole story at Link -

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07 Dec 2014

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This lookbook is particularly for teenagers , getting their style ready for schools and colleges. This looks is totally minimal but adds a hint of femininity and chic. Because this look was totally going "All blue and dark" I added a pinch of pink in it . Glitter pink flats that has a perfect... Read more

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Boyfriend Jean
17 Nov 2014

Tips to style your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans: Tip 1. The Rock-Chic look. Slouchy plain tee with studded black boots.

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Laidback desi
06 Nov 2014

Just mixing my favorite Ethnic stuff with my favorite denims. Check my "shadesofmoon" instagram for an ongoing giveaway. Lots of giveways gonna happen this month. :)

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06 Nov 2014

Layering for Fall!!

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Shirt Style
01 Nov 2014

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Blue jeans
07 Oct 2014

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Normcore Girls !
30 Sep 2014

Boyfriend Jeans are certainly the most comfortable styles of women’s jeans around and allows you to look effortlessly chic. So rock the NORMCORE look and look uber stylish.

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