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Orange Obsession
23 May 2015

Read about my obsession with the color orange on my blog -

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Mother Daughter Duo
13 May 2015

This is a photoshoot we did for Mother's Day. I styled my Mom is elegant white dress to reflect her suave nature and wore ripped denims with white knotted shirt to reflect my brash nature. Read more about it at

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Weekend casual
12 May 2015

Hanging around this chic neighborhood of Singapore...

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Summer Uniform
09 May 2015

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Colour blocking trend

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As a little girl, I often dreamt about a fairy coming down to the earth and somehow, she and I would become the best of friends! I also imagined the pretty fairy asking me to make my three wishes. ( which I assumed everyone got) I would practice them all the time, incase I was caught off-guard... Read more

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White Wash
27 Apr 2015

Details at:

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Using minimal accessories,rugged denim and westernizing the look and not just the usual hat and boots look full story

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Bundled Up
07 Apr 2015

New post on,

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