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Music of Fashion
25 Nov 2015

What to wear for music festivals now up on the blog.

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Festive Working Day
13 Nov 2015

My way of celebrating a festival at work, while still staying true to my Indian roots. Complete story on my blog,

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Diwali My Way
11 Nov 2015

Look 1 from my post for last minute diwali outfit ideas! Read complete post on my blog,

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Catch the story on

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Colours. I have a very interesting relationship with them. There are times when I’d like nothing than to put together something in classic all-black or monochrome and enjoy my morning coffee. Then there’s those moments when I just need something fun and colourful, when I’m ‘hangin’ around and... Read more

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Check out my modern yet traditional take on festival dressing at and charuta_modayalda on instagram

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Lion Heart^^
14 Sep 2015

Inspired by a song called lion heart by SNSD-Girls Generation :)

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Sports Luxe
25 Aug 2015

Check out the full blog on Follow me on instagram : charuta_modayalda

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Long Gone
10 Aug 2015

They say life is a better bucket to be in when you focus only on the CANs instead of the CANNOTs. Most often than not, I end up believing that the many platonic principals of life hold true for the world of art, fashion and style. The doer is the creator, risk converts into rewards, success... Read more

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Dress me Vintage
08 Aug 2015

Actually I totally believe in old is gold and no girl is looks as sexy as in Saree ... Dats way sometime you need to be differently style your look than fashion thought ... I wish this vintage fashion come again in dis world. Going mad to this dress . Bring floral vintage dress from China and... Read more

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