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Toga was a popular outfit in ancient Rome . It was almost 6 metres of free flowing cloth which was draped in a particular style by Roman. I am pretty fascinated by this beautiful drape. My take on toga , for sundowners not beach parties.

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Believe it or not, the pair of socks is what ultimately culminated into this look. While rummaging through a pile in Bandra, I came across these, what caught my eye was the bow around the ankle. I am more of a skulls and spikes kinda girl but, the innocence of these appealed to me. Innocence is... Read more

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Bombay Velvet
17 May 2015

Outfit of the Day - Velvet Crop top with a Dark Floral flared Midi with Deep Blue Accents

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Summer Uniform
09 May 2015

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Retro Me
05 May 2015

Wore this to interview Pearl Shah, editor at The Juice published by Read the entire article at

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Black Blue spring
01 May 2015

diyed my own floral headband

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Vintage Obsession
20 Mar 2015

I prefer the basics, I do the classics! I'm just a Vintage Soul. Now up on the Blog- The Style Chair

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12 Mar 2015

Well... it's spring for you Northerners... winter is coming down under... even more reason to break out the colours! I have never understood why people wear dark colours in winter. This is a studio self-portrait.

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Vintage Florals
03 Feb 2015

Wearing vintage florals to work.

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02 Feb 2015

I wore this outfit on holiday in Rajasthan, India. For more travel and fashion stories, visit my blog

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