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Vintage Loving
27 Jul 2014

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01 Jul 2014

I love anything and everything about the street - because its raw, its rugged, its on the face and most importantly its REAL. I call this my 'i-dont-care-at-all' look

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print on print
26 Jun 2014

We all grew up with certain do’s and don’t when it comes to fashion; one of them being never mix, match and wear prints together. Prints were supposed to be worn with solid colors to highlight the prints. But one of the hottest trend print on print is slowly seeping in deeply in the fashion scene... Read more

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The Monochrome
24 Jun 2014

I love colors but offlate this monochrome trend has completely taken me over! You can do so much and play with it. This is what I wore for a recent music festival that took place in Calcutta! I think its one of my favorite looks so far

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coral and boys
11 Jun 2014

breaking streotypes

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New vintage
10 Jun 2014

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Floral weds tropical
25 May 2014

Airy, breezy and just right for a stroll in the park or a brunch party by the poolside! Summery cotton sun dress and matching handmade rose hair clip by StyyleFairy.

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Vintage Obsession
19 Apr 2014

In love with Vintage Blue Dress

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