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There exists no such phenomenon that excites me more than the weather. Weather is not something that exists naturally or subconsciously for me. For me every season and its variations are somewhere symbolic to all those moments and memories that have shaped my life so far and dreams held for the... Read more

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Beach Love
27 Aug 2014

Rocking in style on your vacation is essential. So what to wear to the beach when visiting the best beaches. Here is an outfit idea for beach holiday/pool party. More pics on

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Polka lv ❤
22 Aug 2014

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gypsy wolf.
17 Aug 2014

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sorry donatella
11 Aug 2014


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uh huh honey
07 Aug 2014

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Vintage Loving
27 Jul 2014

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01 Jul 2014

I love anything and everything about the street - because its raw, its rugged, its on the face and most importantly its REAL. I call this my 'i-dont-care-at-all' look

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print on print
26 Jun 2014

We all grew up with certain do’s and don’t when it comes to fashion; one of them being never mix, match and wear prints together. Prints were supposed to be worn with solid colors to highlight the prints. But one of the hottest trend print on print is slowly seeping in deeply in the fashion scene... Read more

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