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Sports Luxe
25 Aug 2015

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Long Gone
10 Aug 2015

They say life is a better bucket to be in when you focus only on the CANs instead of the CANNOTs. Most often than not, I end up believing that the many platonic principals of life hold true for the world of art, fashion and style. The doer is the creator, risk converts into rewards, success... Read more

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Dress me Vintage
08 Aug 2015

Actually I totally believe in old is gold and no girl is looks as sexy as in Saree ... Dats way sometime you need to be differently style your look than fashion thought ... I wish this vintage fashion come again in dis world. Going mad to this dress . Bring floral vintage dress from China and... Read more

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Heavy Duty Ethnic
29 Jul 2015

I had a saree blouse that I realised doubled up as a crop top too, and this is how I styled it!

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Vintage touch!
29 Jul 2015

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Toga was a popular outfit in ancient Rome . It was almost 6 metres of free flowing cloth which was draped in a particular style by Roman. I am pretty fascinated by this beautiful drape. My take on toga , for sundowners not beach parties.

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Believe it or not, the pair of socks is what ultimately culminated into this look. While rummaging through a pile in Bandra, I came across these, what caught my eye was the bow around the ankle. I am more of a skulls and spikes kinda girl but, the innocence of these appealed to me. Innocence is... Read more

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Bombay Velvet
17 May 2015

Outfit of the Day - Velvet Crop top with a Dark Floral flared Midi with Deep Blue Accents

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Summer Uniform
09 May 2015

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Retro Me
05 May 2015

Wore this to interview Pearl Shah, editor at The Juice published by Read the entire article at

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