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Learning To Say No
18 Sep 2016

It takes a strong personality to say no, reflect so with a combination of darker colours and prints, layered with indie jewellery.

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Music of Fashion
25 Nov 2015

What to wear for music festivals now up on the blog.

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Festive Working Day
13 Nov 2015

My way of celebrating a festival at work, while still staying true to my Indian roots. Complete story on my blog,

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Diwali My Way
11 Nov 2015

Look 1 from my post for last minute diwali outfit ideas! Read complete post on my blog,

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Catch the story on

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Colours. I have a very interesting relationship with them. There are times when I’d like nothing than to put together something in classic all-black or monochrome and enjoy my morning coffee. Then there’s those moments when I just need something fun and colourful, when I’m ‘hangin’ around and... Read more

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Check out my modern yet traditional take on festival dressing at and charuta_modayalda on instagram

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Lion Heart^^
14 Sep 2015

Inspired by a song called lion heart by SNSD-Girls Generation :)

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