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Summer Brights
16 May 2015

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This time we have got heaps of styling for summer, keep checking this space for more styling and also checks all our latest articles on

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It was one of those mornings where I could truly feel the love in the air. We decided to head to the city and grab coffee at one of our favorite places – Tatte Bakery & Cafe. Its nestled in the charming Beacon Hill neighborhood and offers the classic Parisian charm. It might just be me feeling... Read more

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Peachy Passion
14 May 2015

Experiment with shades of Peach this summer. Go for a basic and neutral peach undertone. Team it up with bright accessories and footwear. Go for smoky eyes with a red tint on the lips. Read the full article at - Team Fashion Pristine

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Lady In Black
13 May 2015

I attended an evening cocktail party so I decided to wear this fresh and beautiful dress. It was perfect for the warm weather that we're enjoying in beautiful California.

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Mother Daughter Duo
13 May 2015

This is a photoshoot we did for Mother's Day. I styled my Mom is elegant white dress to reflect her suave nature and wore ripped denims with white knotted shirt to reflect my brash nature. Read more about it at

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Thanks to this wonderful service by Piol, mom & I designed this dress together irrespective of being in totally different continents. Picking the print, fabric, length options, trims, sleeve&neck designs – we spent hours on Skype, trying and arguing over different options of the final product and... Read more

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