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For the Love of Color
25 Jun 2015

Visit for a dose of fashion and travel escapades!

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Pool Day
22 Jun 2015

Reading my the pool is one of the best things there is.... complete story on my blog

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Floral Attack
21 Jun 2015

Donot underestimate the power of a women,even tough she is dressed in floral prints.

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Coral Crush <3
17 Jun 2015

I have crushed on everything that spells coral this season. So here's a post that includes two of my favorites. A maxi dress (favorite) which is coral! You can read the entire 'Coral Crush' blog post at,

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Always Believe!!
16 Jun 2015

Read the full story here

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For full story :

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Nunc Stans
15 Jun 2015

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Teal Deal
10 Jun 2015

Details on the outfit :

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The Great Wall
08 Jun 2015

new travel post up on Blog

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