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Big Florals
06 Sep 2012

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Hi-Lo dresses, also known as mullet dresses, are all over the runways and the streets. I decided I liked this dress because it incorporated two key trends this season: hi-lo and earth tones. The earth tones are too Fall-season for me, so I decided to add a few pops of color to make it totally... Read more

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50s Inspired
22 Aug 2012

I wanted to create a look that was inspired by a previous decade (like those seen on Louis Vuitton and Jil Sander runways). I also decided to test out inverted polka dots too! To see more photos and the whole post, visit: OR:

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Floral Palazzo Pants
21 Aug 2012

Since decades are making their comeback on various runways this season, I decided to go for the 70s look with these pants. I freshened the look up with a simple white button-up, wedges, and a fedora. To see more photos and the whole post visit: OR

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Connecting Polkas with our childhoods, styling tips and lots more on:

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15 Aug 2012

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Tribal Vibes
15 Aug 2012

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Studded Collars
12 Aug 2012

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Feel the butterflies!
12 Aug 2012

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Sheer Turned Classy
06 Aug 2012

The words "see-through" and "classy" are words that never go together. Until now. This outfit is classy and chic. This outfit can be worn in warmer weather when the pants are worn with black shorts (like these) underneath. To see the whole post and more photos, visit:

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