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All is white
27 Apr 2012

Sequins collared overlapping shirt with vintage jewellery.

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Old Habits Die Hard!!
27 Apr 2012

Since the time I have started blogging I have this constant urge to keep adding accessories…a necklace….a bracelet or two…sometimes even more!!But not this time!!I let my new Zara bow top do all the talking!!I did add a gold and black cuff though..sigh!!Old habits die hard!!!

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Summer Ready
25 Apr 2012

This is a classic combination of black, grey and white. Comfortable and the hair is tied in a loose bun to keep me hassle-free. Keeps me summer ready instantly.

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Dressing Down
24 Apr 2012

Yesterday was one of those days when I just wanted to dress basic.A simple outfit with a pair of my favorite jeans, a bright top and a warm and thick jacket!!Throw in some chunky jewelry, your highest shoes and you are all set to go!!Do you feel like dressing down some days??

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Triple Treat
19 Apr 2012

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Coffee & Cake
18 Apr 2012

Wore this for going out for a coffee & a cake...

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Pastels and florals being in, this summer look i fused them together with a pastel shaded frilly floral top. Helps me be perfectly comfortable this summer.

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Transition of a smile
16 Apr 2012

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09 Apr 2012

Cut my-old-never-use skirt to be asymetric

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Gold sweater
03 Apr 2012

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