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Pink urges again!!
13 Feb 2012

Can't stop laying my hands on pink!

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new on the block!
08 Feb 2012

so please be nice:)

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Pretty young thing.
06 Feb 2012

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Chic but Cheap
06 Feb 2012

I have decided to mention the price and year purchased of every item on my blog..therefore I am starting with a simple outfit!!!

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06 Feb 2012

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Plaid for the Rain
06 Feb 2012

Hey everyone! This is what I wore yesterday. I really love dressing up for my favorite day of the week (Saturday!) cause this is the one day when I get to relax, go out, see my boyfriend, go to the movies and of course: shop!. Managing time between school and work is hard, and I really appreciate... Read more

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Bright and pastel
05 Feb 2012

This was a simple yet elegant look for my birthday. I went for a pastel blazer and paired it with ice blue color pants and bright pink tee. I used a electric blue envelope clutch to shift the attention from the pink.

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@french quarters
05 Feb 2012

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care less
04 Feb 2012

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In the Grove
03 Feb 2012

I really like how the colors I'm wearing stands out and looks alive in the dried-up nude background.

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