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Beyond The REGULAR
01 Nov 2012

There's something magical about MINT. It allows you to experiment with options and adds versatility to your everyday style. A basic T-Shirt or a fancy top...the look becomes a cracker and cannot be classified as the regular 'Jeans and T-shirt.' Yes, I am in love! More on the blog...

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White After Labor Day
31 Oct 2012

I felt like going for the enchanting fog photo. For more details on this outfit and more pictures, visit my blog:

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Stuck on Denim
31 Oct 2012

I such a huge fan of Denim that I had to do the transition of this summer trend to fall. I love the Necklace gives the feminine touch to the outfit

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For more pix visit

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taking a break @work. :D

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simply...cute <3

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Time of No Reply
25 Oct 2012

View the post here!

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99 Girls Like this!
18 Oct 2012

Random, Sudden, Caught in Sun!

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16 Oct 2012

Because sometimes you feel like dressing like a cowboy... Pair a fringed jacket with a simple look, it would most definitely give it character!

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Engaged in Blue
13 Oct 2012

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