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Blue Geek
12 May 2012

When I first came across this shirt I reconnected with my childhood, as a 6 year old running the play grounds wearing GAP jeans, I feel way ahead as a youngster. Only realising now! Old is gold.

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Absolute Casual
11 May 2012

embracing the beauty around me. Was just happy :)

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Playing with Coral
03 May 2012

My latest steal deal - my new coral bag :) Ain't it gorgeous? :)

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Nau(gh)tical :)
02 May 2012

Finally found a t-shirt that satisfied my cravings for the nautical look.. Add to that my new haircut and my new Ray Ban's.. Can the beginning of the month get any better? ;)

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Chop Chop!!
28 Apr 2012

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All is white
27 Apr 2012

Sequins collared overlapping shirt with vintage jewellery.

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So not me!!
26 Apr 2012

As promised in my last post I have posted sunrise and sunset pictures from my recent visit to Kanyakumari on my blog….I had to..I got up at 5.30 A.M. for these pictures.Getting up that early!!So not me!!

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Black/White or both?
24 Apr 2012

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white b blue
23 Apr 2012

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