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Beach Behavior
05 Feb 2014

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Happy Pills
31 Jan 2014

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A Bit Grunge
22 Jan 2014

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Behind Her Freedom
19 Jan 2014

Summer is one of my favorite season ever. because i love to see the sun shining and this season is the time you can wear a basic and comfortable one. like what I wore now, This Tank Top is for Men actually and it's from Topman store. I choose to wear this because i love the basic style and also... Read more

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Please click on the pic and zoom in to see the details. If you liked this look, please visit my fashion blog on facebook. Please copy and paste the following link on your browser and hit 'go' --

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For more pics visit: Winter doesn’t have to be about layers, leggings and jeans all the time. Who said one can’t wear shorts during winter? That’s why I paired this leather shorts with my coziest gray sweater, making it an everyday laid... Read more

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Être un touriste
07 Jan 2014

Keeping it comfy while being a tourist myself at port Louis.

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Where I Stand
02 Jan 2014

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After multiple sessions of how not to match your prints, fashion runways this year showed us how to wear them with aplomb. Boxy top and shorts make up for a completely care-free and comfortable outfit, suited for those sunny soft winter brunches. The great part about this look is that you can... Read more

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