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Earthy Palette
29 May 2015

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Flower Girl
29 May 2015

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Boho look
28 May 2015

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Hey all! This is my very first post in StylePile and I am thrilled to bits. Okay, and happy too. :) India is witnessiong a scorching rise in temperature. So, here I chose to wear it neat. A blue top paired with a printed black and white leggings can never go wrong! Keeping the weather in mind, I... Read more

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Ripped Classics
27 May 2015

Nothing spells Chic better than a white shirt & a pair of denims for me! Specially if the denims are ripped ;) Full look on the Blog-

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Put a bow on it
26 May 2015

My heartbeat was getting faster as I rolled into the scanning machine. What resembled a cockpit was swallowing me and I was feeling helpless. I hit the panic button almost instctively and the machine rolled back out. I couldn’t breathe and asked the nurse to get my husband from the waiting room.... Read more

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Summer and Gold
23 May 2015

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18 May 2015

Casual ways to sundowners

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This time we have got heaps of styling for summer, keep checking this space for more styling and also checks all our latest articles on

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