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New outfit post on the Bolg!

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Chambray Chambray
31 Mar 2015

Wear your Chambray shirt in three different styles! More on The Style Chair Blog!

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Incorporating three strong trends emerging from the fashion weeks this month across both hemispheres! Combining Black &White ,Suede and Androgyny! Also celebrating Mumbai to Melbourne's 6month Birthday today To read full post click the link below... Read more

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Good On Everybody
22 Mar 2015

I bought this Westside kurta last year and have been wanting to do this look since then - pairing a purple skirt, top knot and tassel necklace. At times we do the looks that we can not walk outside in the market but only to a fashion week. This is one of those looks that everybody can channel and... Read more

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Double damask
09 Mar 2015

A simple layered Indian look

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22 Feb 2015

New post on the blog : Facebook page :

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Forest Nymph
20 Feb 2015 Instagram : charuta_modayalda

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Instagram : surbeesuri

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White winter
02 Feb 2015

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