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BY   rvarma
Wanted to show off my heels so bad! Put up a simple outfit so that my heels could be the center of envy. Read more about it here
The moment I walked in the store,and saw this dress. somewhere it made my heart skip a beat because the color palette was perfect,and those lil tiger heads reminded me of zoo and instantly all the risks were taken.. More details and full post on the blog :
BY   V_diva
An experiment. Best to describe this one. Used to wear this waistcoat with a shirt earlier. I almost ditched it two years back. But recently it hit my wardrobe again with a bang. Paired it up with a cool white tee and brown trousers for a semi-formal look. Hope its stylish!
BY   rvarma
Maxi dress for a summer day! Cool and comfortable
The Fashion Flurry_15803
How about spreading some good energy to those around you with a total white look? The fundamental part of summer garments is feeling light and cozy. Summer's warm weather demands light-coloured and bright clothing to reflect a summer a...    Read more
fun photoshoot for a friend inspired by summer beach look
BY   Rhea
swati dandotiya_15609
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