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Busy florals
04 May 2015

This season's most commercial story is the flower story: "Silhouettes being the keywords." My heart popped out of my eyes when I saw this striking beautiful blue/white floral pencil skirt. There is something so versatile about this piece of cloth from AND collection , it can be paired... Read more

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Taming my Braids
29 Apr 2015

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White Wash
27 Apr 2015

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Being such a major skirts girl ( is that a word? ) – its odd that I have never actually tried a midi skirt before. I guess it’s because of my petite frame ( aka shortest person in the room always! ) and for the fear of getting drowned in the fabric and looking ahem…even shorter. But if there’s... Read more

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Summer essentials!
18 Apr 2015

That crisp white/cream shirt and bright blue pants can never go wrong! ♥

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Kalokeri. Boho. Chic.
17 Apr 2015

The Style Chair introduces Summer serenity & Boho subtleties on the Blog! Go Read Now on The Style Chair Blog ....

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Sweater tie Look
16 Apr 2015

Power game My sudden drop in Instagram activity must have alerted even the folks at Instagram, that something must be seriously wrong =)) So first of all, let me start by saying sorry for being so MIA. I suddenly fell sick a couple of days ago and have had no energy to move or even talk much for... Read more

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Forest Nymph
08 Apr 2015 IG : charuta_modayalda

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